I'm seeing a few interesting lies from SJWs defending the Ghost Busters film

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I'm seeing a few interesting lies from SJWs defending the Ghost Busters film

Post by felinoid on Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:34 pm

Forgive my lack of link but it seems the video I watched seems to have vanished (flagged? Removed? IDK)
It's a response to an SJW telling Ghost Buster fans to shut up about the new film.
My first thought is no you shut up, You aren't a fan of Ghost Busters if this wasn't intended for the actual fans then why call it Ghost Busters?

So anyway I'm ready to address a few lies from this SJW even if I don't have the source video to go with. So maybe you guys can echo my sentiments should this come up elsewhere.

1. The title of the film is Ghost Busters it's marketed to the fans of Ghost Busters. To say the Ghost Busters fans need to shut up is bullshit the SJWs need to shut up. They are excited about a new feminists film they don't give a shit about it being Ghost Busters or anything else. They expect us to go see it and we aren't gonna do it.

2. She responds to the point "It's our childhood we don't want another movie" this is another lie. We wanted another movie. Ghost Busters 3 was promised to the fans for years and the fans were excited for it. Instead they gave us a reboot killing any hope of there ever being a Ghost Busters 3.

3. She uses the argument that as a Lost Boys fan she dose not care there was a second movie.
This is also a lie. She isn't a Lost Boys fan and the actual Lost Boys fandom are outraged at there being a second film and rightfully so.
3.1 She's in her 20's as is the typical SJW millennial. Lost Boys was produced in the 80's This is not her childhood. By the time she'd have a chance to see the first movie the second movie would have already been in production and it's more likely it was already released complete with fandom outrage before she ever heard of the move.
The second movie was released in 2008 2 decades after the first as a direct to DVD release because the fans said they DO NOT want a squeal. So they waited until the fans forgot and made a squeal anyway and tried to slip it under the radar as a DVD release.
See this "This is our childhood we don't want another movie" is what the lost boys fans said of the squeal and has nothing to do with Ghost Busters.

4. People call this 'Propaganda' really don't know the half of it
Remember there is a new black woman ironman being ham fisted into the comics. Only there is already a black ironman called war machine and he wasn't ham fisted into the comic. There is already a female ironman (iron woman/pepper pots) and same deal she was a long recognized character and loved by the fandom.
They can do this right when they want to. They know how. They are professional writers, directors and producers so it's not as if they don't already know what they are doing is wrong.
They want to do it wrong. They want to piss off the fans and claim it's because we hate women.

5. Someone went out of there way to get the original director pulled from producing a new Ghost Busters so they could replace him with the current director who hates nerds the target audience of this film.

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