Path of the Voice Acting and Voice-Over amateur.

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Path of the Voice Acting and Voice-Over amateur.

Post by Castor on Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:52 pm

So, yeah, I'm starting in the Voice acting industry in Latin América.
Venezuela is known in this for two things: Being ridiculously cheap for voice acting and being literally a factory of voice actors.
I have practiced since I was 17 or 18 in this, now that I have 22 many people had told me that indeed I do have a pretty good voice for it, but since I don't want to live from this, it'll be a good way to have some money and get out of my country.
But now my current goal is to buy a microphone so I could make more videos with my voice.

But this thread is not exactly me talking about it, I'll use this to post my videos and my progress over time.

Until I get the mic, here are the videos I had done before starting the course.

Metro Last Light Cinematic Intro
My first one, tried for days to have a good and understandable voice but I had to record with my cellphone, the end result was a very low quality and noicy voice sound. But thanks to this my family started supporting me and paying the voice acting course.

Dota 2 Latin American Spanish Announcer Proposal
Second video, a more "viral" one, I rented a friend's microphone, my voice is good but not enough, agressive but youthful, so the tone doesn't match with Dota 2's style. The next time I'll do a more obscure voice tone that may fit the overall darkish and clean style on the game.

Metal Gear Solid V E3 2015 Trailer
The same day I rented the microphone I took the chance to speak all the lines for this trailer. I tried hard to make Ocelot's voice different from Skullface's, I tried to make Skullface's voice more serious and Miller's voice darker. In the end it may be a cringe festival but it is ok after all, I'll redo it in the future.

I'm open for suggestions and criticism.


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