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The purple pillers

Post by felinoid on Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:16 pm

I'd like to present a notion to everyone, The purple pills.

Of course the red pill are the people who've become wise to events and blue pill are the inverse those who on being confronted with reality go into denial.
I'd like to present an idea that we've been facing for quite some time now. The purple pill.

Three examples of purple I can think of are Rouge Star, Thunderf00t and Bernie.

Rouge is aware of the corruption in the media due to SJW infection yet he's still himself an SJW.
Bernie is well aware of the manipulation of politics from outside forces and set to fight those forces yet when the nomination is stolen from him by that very same system he set off to shut down he endorses Hillary. Bernie is also a true believer in the same movement that has hijacked everything. He's an SJW, he is a cuck, he is very much on the team that is screwing us over and dose not know it.
Thunderf00t: You'd be forgiven to think Thunderf00t was ever red pill. The man uses logic and reason first to justify his ideology yet when everything is muddy and the path isn't clear he's as blue pill as any of them.
I'll be honest , I'm not clear on the details of the exit movement I see it's getting out of a dictatorship for the democracy the UK had before the EU but I'm 40 years old and I remember when people actually had a say in things. Also I was on Fidonet in the 1980's before the Internet was accessible by the general public and was getting international news bypassing the main stream media long before most people.

I'd like to do some intellectual dissection of some purple pills it see what really draws in people to swallow the blue pill and maybe use this for red pilling in small doses for those not ready for the shock of reality that comes with a full dose.

Thunderf00t is aware the media is manipulating people. In his early videos he talks about how the news lies to us. He's known this long before GamerGate. He knew this back when Bush jr was in power.
Yet he dose not have the luxury of time to filter the BS passed by countless other sources. He's a scientists and most of his time is spent in the lab. Truly Youtube is a luxury for him. The ability to sit up and express his opinions that has become something of a right for the rest of us has been more a luxury for him.
I think the last dose of red pull for him would be to confront him on his source of information. The MSM that he called out as lairs years before the term 'red pill' existed.
Everything he knows about vote leave comes from people he already knows is lying to him.

Rouge Star: Lives in California. The cultural air he breaths is filled with blue pill propaganda. The only way to red pill him is to detox him by moving him to one of the red pilled cities in California (yes they exist... OMG the city I live in isn't just red pill it's fucking black pill. I'll explain later in this what I mean by black pill)
Put RS in a red pill (or black pill) city he'll detox from the blue pill ideology.

Bernie: Democrat. He is so completely converted that it shows remarkable intellectual power on his part for him to even go as far as he did.
Everything he touches is blue pilled. The air he breaths his entire ideology everything about him. Yet things are so screwed he can see it and he can think beyond the propaganda.
What Bernie has done is remarkable.
About the only way he'd able to wake up and be red pill would be to win the democratic nomination. Something he was denied.
It would have been glorious to watch Bernie wake up in mid election and suddenly have two red pills running in the general election.
Shortly before losing the nomination Bernie was starting to come around to the idea of building a wall supporting the same ideology presented by Trump that illegals are a problem.
Bernie is a socialist, that is probably the only blue pill thing he'll never let go of. There is no hope of changing that one detail.
Everything else however... Bernie could have been red pill or at the very least a very red shade of purple.

Probably due to my own upbringing I'm a slight bit purple myself. Only my repilled close friends know about my own SJW movements. That and a history as documented on ED but I learned something from that history along with my own upbringing. tread carefully.
I was raised with a progressive multicultural ideology but that was the 1970's and that ideology included self reflection and skepticism.
Self reflection: be aware of who you are, your personal bias and how your ideology effects you.
Skepticism: Examine everything including your own ideas.
Open minded: (reminder this is the 1970's flavor not 1960's or OMG 2010's version... ) Be open to what others have to say. There is a little truth in everything.
(my own conclusion on this is there is a little lie in everything too but that's not part of the ideology I learned I just picked that up myself)
Also an early red pill addition to this is the saying "Don't be so open minded your brains fall out"
Listen, do not believe.

and a contribution from my sister in the 1980's. People are angry for a reason but that dose not mean what they say is actually the problem. Listen, dissect and understand the issue.
Collage students are angry about the cost of education because so much of the education dollars are spent on social justice bullshit.
Also they are being feed lies about how dangerous everything is as a result they are afraid. They have no idea how to slay the monsters presented and this is because there are no monsters. They are tired of being afraid and ready to lash out at whatever source is causing that fear. I know of no way to do this but if they could learn that it's the very system that is teaching them to be afraid and the monsters aren't real that anger would flip around and lash out at the system that lied to them. But I have no idea how to make that happen. Red pilling students may never be a reality.

Oh yes what is black pill
Well... what we are facing is a cultural flip. In the 1950's it was the conservatives who wanted to censor. Racism was the norm. The "White male power" that social justice talks about actually existed in the 1950's (however it wasn't anywhere near as powerful or influential even in those days as SJWs claim it is today. The "white male" power they talk about never existed. To even think "white male" power is as powerful today as it was at it's peek would be blasphemy to the SJWs)
Even the very idea of political correctness. When I was first introduced to the notion I was listening to a liberal political commentator (1970's, I was a well connected little kid)
Because back then conservative ideology was politically correct. He hit it on the head. We were looking at a political shift from right dominated politics to left dominated politics so people were pushing the notion of political correctness as a way of holding power. Stagnation. Don't change anything. Ideas that were popular today won't be popular tomorrow. People in power were afraid. They knew ideas they presented in the past to keep power would be used against them in the future to take power away.

So what is black pill?
50 year old blue pill.
Instead of buying the propaganda of today buying the propaganda of 50 years ago.

When you face propaganda of 50 years ago and propaganda of today it's so totally reverse it could be a shock to the system to the point that you realize you've been lied to.
You've been lied to your entire life.
All of it.

Or they are so brainwashed they'll go black pill. Whatever IDC.

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