The Skewey wabbit of Brexit mathematics.

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The Skewey wabbit of Brexit mathematics.

Post by spinnerpete on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:15 am

If we believe the main stream media, then its a no brainer, Why should we vote out?.
Well, I have a question for them they wont answer.
How is it possible to save 350 million quid a week, And not be better off?.
Or, Another way, If they give us 200 million quid a week back, We are still 150 million quid the worse off.
But, lets get down to the cheesy commestibles. Just how does this work?, What would happen to the UK if we were fucked over by debt? I mean the IMF has such a great record in places like Greece? They have had six years to fix that and what has happened?
How about we save Greece? Get out of the EU and fucking save them by example?
Let the Greeks have the drachma back, let them de-value it and let them trade their way back? Could have happened or been happening for four years now, But the Politbureau of the EU wont let them.
Big thing are happening, But they need pushing now. And if its my country that sets an example,
So be it.

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