Being drunk, And the advancement of offence.

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Being drunk, And the advancement of offence.

Post by spinnerpete on Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:45 am

I was young once.
And I had all the pressures of that.
My brothers thought I was gay, So did others.
But I was not, I was just going my own way(To coin an acronym).
I loved it, I was programming games in 1982, And before the internet, That meant posting cassette tapes to magazines.
I did not get one published, But not to worry. I had dozens of people from the pub playing my games, Star Trek game, The many versions of the fruit machines, And the stock market simulator, For which I had to devise dimensioned arrayed variables. All done in basic.
An early version of the internet was around, But so far out of my price range it was only available to novelists like Douglas Adams.
And that bothered me not one bit, He was more talented than me, I bowed before him and his ilk, And rightly so.
And now we have 30+ years later.
Im still where I am, Better than most, But subservient to a minority of talent of who's name I no longer know.
But this is the trick, Recognising your position in the scheme.
So, This is the crux, You cant force people to like your content, be it posts or computer games, You just cant, You just keep doing it until something sticks, And oh boy, When it sticks thats the clue to advance.
So when the likes of Brianna Wu insists you like her output because reasons, Shove a hot dagger up her(His?) Ass.
Because thats not how it works.
And if that causes offence? Then kek Kek and thrice Kek.
Fuck the Communists.
rant over.

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