Tips on Safely Using this Forum

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Tips on Safely Using this Forum

Post by DukeWu on Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:05 pm

I sometimes forget that not everybody comes to the Internet armed to the teeth with anti-malware, spyware, virus, etc. with several different programs to prevent the unthinkable. That's why I thought I'd take the time to address valid concerns as to the security of this forum.

1. Yes, there is adware on this forum. Until we're in a position to start sinking money into improving this forum, there will be ads here, some of them malicious. To prevent this, use AdBlock or something similar, and make sure you have a strong enough pop-up blocker active.

2. Avoid using this site on mobile. Most attempted attacks have been on the mobile version of this site. Log-in using your computer if possible, or have very strong anti-virus and anti-malware software. Avast! and Malwarebytes are recommended, since they're free and relatively reliable. Use something better for your PC. Don't cheap out now, because it'll cost you dearly later.

3. IP proxies, alternative e-mails, etc. are pretty common sense solutions to avoid identification. Look these up as well, and avoid giving out personal details on sites like this.

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